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About LoveLoveChina

LoveLoveChina is a blog covering a wide range of topics related to Chinese girls. I know that most of the readers will be foreign guys who want to know more about Chinese girls and I hope that they will find the information presented here interesting and helpful.

If you have any suggestions regarding the topics that you want to see covered – please leave your comments in the first post “Welcome to LoveLoveChina”.

About me

Crystal Tao photo

This is me - Crystal Tao

My name is Crystal Tao. I was born and raised in Chongqing, China.

This is a place famous for spicy food and hot girls. :-)

We live in a beautiful world and I like to learn new things about it every day.

Maybe I can share some of these things with the readers of the blog.

My Other Project(s)

While preparing posts I read a lot of sources on internet (sites, forums, other blogs). Unfortunately, most of this material could just end up stored in my notebook. Thus I began publishing short posts containing links to interesting stories on internet which could be an entertaining supplement for the readers of LoveLoveChina.

You can find them in Chinese Girl Blog.

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