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Western and Chinese Women in Qipao


Anna Paquin and Liv Tyler

My constant readers already know that I love qipao. This summer I am going to visit my family in China and one of the things on my to-do list is to buy a new qipao.

But don’t think that I’m fixed on the idea of Chinese symbolism of this dress. Actually, while preparing the post for Chinese minority outfits (which will be published later), I was fascinated by the style of Korean national clothes and decided to include into my wardrobe the dress whose style was inspired by Korean motives.

So, here I come to the point of this post. There is no doubt that some dresses, even in their modern interpretations, have clear national character. You see qipao and think Chinese, while kimono is Japanese (so Japanese, that in nationalistic mob it evokes response, similar to instinctive reaction of bull to red color).
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XiaXue – Model for Singapore Girls

下雪 – 新加坡女孩们的榜样

Xiaxue today (as featured on her blog)

XiaXue (which in Chinese means “snowing”) is the pseudonym of Wendy Cheng – the most popular blogger in Singapore. The 26 years old girl has a status of celebrity in her small country and her website has been added to the National Library Board’s list of blogs for archival. In 2005 it was awarded the title of the “Best Asian Blog” and today it drives an envious traffic of (more than) 20,000 daily visitors.

Started in 2003, at the beginning her blog was just an online diary where Xiaxue described her personal life and thoughts on random topics. Due to inarguable literary skills and witty writing style she quickly gained popularity among readers. One might think that – since the author is an attractive young girl – most of her fans are guys. But no. A quick check on Alexa (website which analyzes the traffic statistics on internet) reveals that Xiaxue’s blog is visited more frequently by females who are in the age range 18-24.
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