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Why I hate majiang?

Majiang scene from Lust, Caution

Majiang scene from Lust, Caution

About a year ago chinaSmack posted a series of comments from Chinese forum in which wives complained about their husbands. Two of those comments drew my attention:

  • Every week he must find majiang [mahjong] buddies to go play. And if he cannot play [no one available], he will whine to me…
  • My husband is like a deflated balloon after coming home, lazy, yet is excited/energetic upon going out. As long as he can be outside, he will not return home, ideally spending his entire day with friends eating, going to KTVs, playing majiang/poker, and never taking our child out.

So what is that majiang that these women mention in their complaints? [ to read more...]

Romantic Yangtze River Cruise

Yangtze River

Beautiful Yangtze River

I love Yangtze River!
You couldn’t expect anything else from a native Chongqing girl who had worked in a travel agency for few years. But my personal opinion and jokes aside, there is nothing surprising that along Beijing and Xi’an, Yangtze River is one of the most popular tourist traps in China. And if you are planning a romantic trip in China – you should give a serious consideration to including the Yangtze River cruise in your itinerary.
Yangtze is the longest river in Asia and the third-longest in the world. It is also one of the top sceneries in China. Its most spectacular part is represented by a region locked between Chongqing and Yichang and usually referred as Three Gorges. [ to read more...]

Why Thai Laugh When Chinese Cry?

Pig - er bai wu

Er bai wu (250)

One friend of mine recently told me a curious story. He had a girlfriend from Thailand. She was half Thai, half Chinese. And they were communicating a lot by messenger. During one of their online conversations he “told” her a joke and in response got a message:

“What’s wrong?” – he asked – “Why are you crying?”
“No, no, I am laughing” – she answered.
“How come? 555 is crying”
“No, 555 is laughing!”

I think that you already understood the reason of their confusion. [ to read more...]

Ten Popular Chinese Female Singers


Most of Chinese singers do not have a wide international recognition outside of Asia. But they are blessed by an access to a huge fan base with which can compete only those who sing in English.

I assume that many of the readers of my blog (which is dedicated to Chinese girls) are not part of this fan army and don’t follow the trends of Chinese modern music industry. But I am sure that most of you will enjoy a “concert” featuring ten beautiful girls (or at least girls having beautiful voices) singing in Mandarin specially for you. ;-) [ to read more...]

KTV in China

KTV big room

Big KTV lounge

KTV (“karaoke television”) is a club allowing people to sing their favorite songs with the use of special machines for choosing tracks and projecting video clip and lyrics to a big screen. KTV can be a business on its own specifically designed for karaoke activity. Or it can be a part of other venues like bars, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels and so on.

Even though karaoke is known all over the world – only in Asia it has become extremely popular.

Why? Maybe because [ to read more...]