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A =/= B (Part I)

A =/= B (第一章)

Guest article by Elijah

Elijah is a super awesome cool guy who flies on a fire-breathing dragon called Puff when travelling and is known to induce orgasms through eye contact. When he's not saving baby animals and orphans, he's stopping pollution, poverty and prejudice with his massive intellect. Mostly though, he's sleeping, cooking, playing on his xbox360, on the computer, reading or out with his one and only Angel. If you want to gaze in awe at the perfection that is Elijah and Canney go to their blog to see videos, pics and other articles. Don't forget to leave a comment and choose your favourite music from the built in jukebox.

Wealth distribution

From Crystal: Although first part of this post doesn’t seem to be related to Chinese girls, the things explained in it do impact Chinese girls overall. This part is necessary because the subsequent one will rely on terms introduced and explained here. The second part will focus on Chinese girls, don’t worry…
Today is a special day.
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Beauty Tax For Foreigners Marrying Chinese Women

Chinese count money

Just one month ago I posted a translation of one scholar’s paper in which he compared Asian fetish with pedophilia. Today I want to present the translated paper of another “scholar” (this time from Chinese) who makes a very unusual proposal regarding the measures that have to be taken to battle the problems of ageing
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Chinese Women and One Child Policy

One child policy

During a recent telephone conversation with my mom, she mentioned that few months ago she started receiving a monthly payment (about 50 RMB) for the fact that I am the only child in family. But if my parents wouldn’t comply with the one child policy, they – as urban residents belonging to Han majority –
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Is Yellow Fever an Expression of Pedophilic Tendencies?

Tobias Hubinette

In July 2005 ”Times Higher Education” posted the information about academic scandal that arose in Stockholm University. Tobias Hübinette – the doctoral student from Department of Oriental Languages – was barred from a conference because of his controversial research on interracial marriages and adoption. Due to the multiple complaints received by university, its legal representatives
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LoveLoveChina 2011

On the tank

New Year is the period when people make two things: summaries and plans. This is also something I want to do in regards of this blog.
LoveLoveChina (let’s abbreviate it as LLC) was started almost a year ago; you can see that the first welcome post was published on 29/01/2010, and I am quite happy with
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Chinese dumplings four hands

Chinese dumplings four hands

My fiancé likes to make plans.
One time he spent few hours compiling a long list of different activities that we can do together. “I put this paper on the bookshelf” – he declared proudly after loudly reading all the items – “Whenever we have free time and don’t know what to do, we can always
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