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Five Popular Songs For Chinese Wedding


Wedding songs

Today I again invite you to listen to some Chinese songs. This time they will be thematic and revolve around wedding. Just like traditional games and jokes, songs are an integral part of Chinese wedding. And if you still haven’t gone through this ceremony – maybe you could pick one of them and perform it at your own party :-)

I have chosen 5 popular songs, and if you happen to attend Chinese wedding/s – big chance is that you’ve heard at least some of them.

In the end of the list there is a “bonus track” – song which I want to dedicate to the lovers who are currently not together (and naturally miss each other a lot).
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Chinese Wedding: Funny Games and Jokes

Chinese Wedding Games

Chinese Wedding Games: Eating Without Hands

After a long marathon of wedding preparations is finished – it’s time to sigh with relief and enjoy the party… NO! Guests and relatives also haven’t been idle and prepared few surprises. It means that many little challenges are awaiting for the new-weds. Though majority of challenges will fall on the groom’s shoulders.

And there is no place for complaining or bargaining. Nobody said that getting a bride would be simple :-) The only thing that can ease groom’s troubles is to prepare a bunch of little red envelopes in advance to pay for “failed tests”.

Below is the compilation of different games played during Chinese weddings.
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Ancient Chinese Wedding

Chinese Wedding: Red Sedan

Red sedan for bride

Wedding in modern China is a mixture of contemporary and ancient traditions. In order to understand them better, let’s have a look at what Chinese wedding was like many years ago.

Marriage proposal
In the past marriages were arranged by parents with the help of special match-makers. They were pretty much like dating services today. Young man’s parents asked match-maker to find a good girl for their son. After the choice was made, the match-maker would approach girl’s family to make a proposal.
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Chinese Wedding: Photoalbum


Wedding album“All brides are beautiful”. This saying comes to my mind when I look at the wedding pictures of my friends and cousins. Picturesque clothes, tasteful make-up and happy smiles make every girl beautiful…

There are many little and big worries that bride and groom have to go through to prepare an unforgettable wedding. One of them is to make an album of wedding photographs. In China the photo sessions are very long (sometimes the shootings are not finished in one day) and bear heavy expenditures. But also the result is collection of unique pictures that promise to keep sweet memories alive…

First thing the new weds should do is to choose the photography company.
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Chinese Wedding: Red Envelopes


Chinese Wedding Red Envelope

If you have been in China before or have a Chinese friend – then you might know something about the custom of red envelopes (“hong bao”). Generally speaking  – this is a monetary gift presented inside of the red envelope. There are many stories related to this custom. Today I want to tell  you about red envelopes given at Chinese wedding (not a “naked” wedding described previously).

Red envelopes from guests

Once you got an invitation to a wedding which usually comprises the invitation card, even number of candies (8, 10 or 12) and two packs of cigarettes – you should go and buy red envelope with an appropriate inscription:
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