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Chinese Are More Shy To Buy Condoms Than To Have Sex


Chinese buying condom

Imagine that you work for some local newspaper. And tomorrow is the World AIDS Day. Editor gives you a task to compose a thematic crossword for the entertainment section. Crossword where all words are somehow related to AIDS. Now, I ask you to take a minute and try to think what words you would use for the puzzle…
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Do Chinese Have Virgin Complex?

Loss of Virginity

Loss of Virginity, by Paul Gauguin

Last year some schools in Yunnan introduced a new course on sex education. Its name – “No Apologies in This Life” and it is the product of partnership between the regional Ministry of Education and the American Christian group “Focus on the Family”.

In its original, American, version upon graduation the students make a virginity pledge. Although Chinese authorities opposed to the idea of the pledge, you can easily understand what kinds of things are taught in this seminar.

What I found more interesting, however, was not the course itself but the discussion of premarital sex subject in one forum thread which mentioned the “No Apologies in This Life”. This is, actually, a Chinese forum for people who want to practice English language – so most of the posts are in English and you can follow this link to read the whole discussion. Below I am posting the most interesting reactions which can give some insight into what Chinese think about virginity.
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Women’s Health in China: Problems and Controversions


Chinese women

Imagine the following ad on Chinese TV: in the beginning a young couple is shown in moonlight, holding hands and kissing while the music plays in background. You, of course, expect it to be the advertisement of something sweet and romantic… but you are going to be disappointed – unless the quick abortion without pain is falling under the category of “romantic” in your dictionary.

Abortion ads are ubiquitous in China. TV programs, newspapers, magazines are full of pictures of smiling girls promoting these operations with special incentives and discounts. If you are a female student, then by showing the student ID card, you can be lucky to get 50% discount on abortion – as one famous poster of Chongqing hospital for women promised. Universities indeed care about their students – and for freshmen Alma Mater has a handbook with lots of useful information on where to make love and how to get rid of its “fruits” afterwards.
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Marital Infidelity in Modern China


Green Hat

There is a joke about man who visits a doctor and asks to perform blood tests since he suspects a calcium deficiency. When doctor asks about the reasons for such suspicions the patient complains that his wife is sleeping with other men, but he still has no horns growing.

I didn’t understand the “zest” until learned that in English (and many other languages as well) cuckolds are said to wear horns.
Well… Chinese cuckolds are different. But they also have a distinctive feature crowning their heads – namely green hats.
戴绿帽子(“dai lv mao zi”) – “to wear green hat” means to have an adulterous wife.

Adultery exists in China like anywhere else. But to what extent?
Paper on this topic compiled by researchers from the University of Chicago provides interesting figures.
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