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How often Asians marry out of their race in America


2:40 pm
March 17, 2011



Statistics confirm two things regarding the interracial marriages among American Asians:

1) Asian women marry outside of their race more often than men

2) Overall, Asians prefer to marry inside their racial group


However, it is quite interesting to compare the percentages among different American Asians themselves.

It appears that American Indians are more inclined to marry among themselves. And American Japanese in half cases "marry out".

Actually – and this is really a surprising figure – for the average American Japanese woman there are more chances that she will marry a non-Japanese !!

As for American Chinese, the percentage of "in-race" marriages is 89.5% for men and 81.5% for women.



5:27 pm
March 17, 2011



Here's another take on those same stats:…..cial.shtml


though this analysis and breakdown still supports Crystal's two conclusions, the percentages are not as high (if I read the tables correctly) once you take out American Chinese (using your term Wink) who came to the US at age 14 or older (which also takes out those who came here already married–probably to someone of their own race).

For those raised in the US (meaning they were born here or came here before age 14), Chinese men married American or foreign-raised Chinese 64.6% of the time and women married American or foreign-raised Chinese 54% of the time.   

Interesting statement in this article: "demographers predict that by the year 2020, almost 20% of all Asian Americans will be multiracial and that figure will climb to 36% by the year 2050."

8:20 pm
April 27, 2011



Not to be nitpicky Crystal but when you use "American Indian" you're actually referring to Native Americans (like the Navajo and Cherokee) and not Indians from India (those are Indian Americans or Asian Indian in US census terms).  It's a really small detail but it might lead to confusion? Unless you actually did mean that Native Americans marry more in their ethnicity, which is also a possibility…Wink

But yes, I remember watching a documentary about Asian Americans and who they tend to marry. For girls, they found that a larger percentage marry out of their ethnicity when compared to the boys' percentage. I think the media has a large part in this factor, since movies tend to portray Asian men negatively and thus less desirable, while Asian women are placed in the Lotus Blossom/Dragon Lady (but always sexy) dichotomy. So it really does shape what people find attractive and thus, "marriage-worthy."

11:55 pm
April 27, 2011

Bored in Melbourne


Perhaps another factor in terms of the Japanese is the large number of US born Japanese in the Hawaii islands.  As they are essentially Americans it is probably more likely they would be willing to marry outside of the Japanese race or perhaps they are marrying other Japanese men also born in the US.


I might be wrong though, perhaps around half of the Japanese prefer not to marry other Japanese at all

12:13 am
April 29, 2011



My mom's reasoning for this is that Japanese and Korean cultures have a misogynistic quality to them, where the women must always defer to the man. So Japanese and Korean women tend to marry out of their ethnicity because they think they'd be treated better by men of other ethnicities.

1:51 am
April 29, 2011

Bored in Melbourne


Louisa you are probably correct although you could also say that Chinese men are also Misogynists, perhaps thought the Chinese women are better at convincing the men they should be spoilt though rather than ignored like a Japanese wife waiting at home while her husband gets drunk in the hostess bars with the other salarymen after work?

4:44 pm
April 29, 2011



True, some Chinese women seem to have taken a page out of the Shanghainese women battle ax technique and now wear the pants in the relationship.

I know that once my friends were sitting with a couple of Japanese college students and when another American male friend of theirs came one of the Japanese girls jumped up and gave him her seat. When my friend tried to be polite and be all "ladies first," the Japanese guys just said "no, that's the way it should be." Surprised the living daylights out of my American friends. Dunno if it's just me, but I haven't experienced that with any Chinese people, though I tend to hang in the cities so I don't know about rural folk. 

Anyway, I see a lot of Japanese/Korean/Filipino women marrying Chinese men here in LA. I find it interesting that when Asians marry outside of their ethnicities, they tend to marry other Asians. I have no scientific proof of this other than what I've seen around here.

8:16 pm
April 29, 2011



I personally think it 's to do with cultural expectations on both sides.


The son is supposed to continue the traditional asian culture, so he should find an asian wife. Also, there's not too many African, Caucasian, Aboriginal etc. women willing to assimilate into an asian culture, especially considering the definite misoggynistic tendencies. The sons also have a harder time adapting to a different culture because of those that ingrained dominance.


However, the daughter usually doesn't have that responsibility of carrying on the family nam, culture, honour etc. (because of the aforementioned tendencies.) And in many cases actively rebels against those constraints and chooses to marry outside her ethnicity or race. Also because of the roles they've been brought up in, they're more accepting to adapting to their husbands culture.


Just my two pennies worth, Canadian hubby with a Hong Kong wifey is all. Cool

There's always another way……..

Usually my way.

6:14 pm
May 14, 2011



Another interesting piece of statistics.

Among newly weds in 2008 (rather fresh statistics!) – here are the ratios of marrying outside the race:

White – 8.9%

Black – 15.5%

Hispanic – 25.7%

Asian – 30.8% (males – 19.5%; females – 39.5%)



9:20 am
May 16, 2011



Well that's not a bad percentage for male asians, is it? Not that male asians have equal chances as female asians at interracial relationship, but it's not as bad as some think then.

3:52 pm
May 16, 2011



And many of these inter-racial couples will be producing the US leaders for the next generation. The Asians are the next group to enrich the US culture. 


How about, instead of "hybrid" or "mixed-blood" or "half-blood" we call these children "Asian-enhanced Americans?"  Cool

5:21 pm
May 16, 2011



ZhuBaJie said:

How about, instead of "hybrid" or "mixed-blood" or "half-blood" we call these children "Asian-enhanced Americans?"  Cool

I'm partial to "Halvsies" but my favorite term is "Wasian." Although I the most "official" term I've heard is "hapa," which means half in Hawaiian.

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