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Legalization of prostitution can lead to the spread of STDs


9:55 pm
April 29, 2011



One of the arguments used by the proponents of legalization of prositution is that the regulation os this "business" will lead to better health control of prostitutes and lessesn the risk for spreading the STDs.

Marina Adshade lays out the logical chain that shows exactly the opposite outcome!


Sex in brothels will be more exepensive (because of the taxes).

Prostitutes who DO have infections will be forced to work in the streets.

And clients who want cheaper sex, and possibly without condom will buy sex from street "sellers".

This will eventually increase the risk of STDs spread.


Read the full article at

2:13 am
April 30, 2011



Maria Lampshade clearly needs to wake up.

What kind of logic is that?

7:13 am
April 30, 2011



Well, she actually bases her conclusions on the study of prostitution licensing in Ecuador.

That study found that "enforcement in the brothel sector has no effect on disease outcomes".


8:47 am
April 30, 2011



Ecuador isn't exactly the best place to look if you're interested in the enforcement of law…… Especially considering the abyssmal level of social wefare and healthcare there.


If she was really serious about conducting a true study instead of a strawman arguement, then she'd look at the Netherlands or other developped countries that have legalized prostitution. Seeing as how she's concerned about Sexually Transmitted Infections, she should also take into consideration the availability of quality healthcare as well as other "fall back" options once prostitution is out of the question. 


Did she also study the effects it has on the prostitutes themselves? Or did she even bother to notice that prostitution is always there no matter if it's legalized or not, same thing with STIs you could just as easy pick something up from drunken sex with some random girl or guy, doesn't even have to a slut or man-whore. 


Extremely biased study with clearly subjective terms and obciously not enough real research.


Case closed.

There's always another way……..

Usually my way.