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Shanghai Qipao Salon


Qipao club

About two weeks ago I stumbled upon the article about Shanghai Qipao Salon. This is a club for Shanghainese ladies who gather together to learn the rules of etiquette; take part in cultural events and travel. Distinctive feature of this club is the passion that its members have for beautiful Chinese dress, qipao. Wang Weiyu – founder of this club – kindly agreed to answer some of my questions via e-mail.

How did you come up with the idea of creating Qipao Salon?

In the end of 2006, I was invited by Women’s Federation of Shanghai to make a series of lectures on etiquette. The lectures were provided in different communities and the majority of audience consisted of women between 45 and 65 years old. Objectively speaking many Chinese women in this age group haven’t been educated for appropriate manners and don’t have interest in taking a proper care of themselves. But these are mothers and wives – the core of families – and it is so important to improve their lifestyle. It will undoubtedly have a positive effect on their family life, relationships with parents-in-law and education of children.
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Building a “Bridge” between African Americans and Chinese


Guest article by Daniel

Daniel Cooper is an African American guy who has been fascinated with Chinese culture ever since he read Romance of the Three Kingdoms many many years ago. He likes rock, pop, and Chinese music (JJ Lin, Jay Chou, S.H.E., Jin Sha etc). He believes that Chinese is a fun language to learn. Overall he is an easy going person and does not get mad very easily.

Chinese and African American Couple

Chinese and African American - Will We See Such Couples More Often in China?

Ni Hao everyone. My name is Daniel but in Chinese I prefer to be called Da Niu.

From the title of the article you can pretty much guess that I am African American or AA. First I want to talk about myself and I’m sorry to blab. I live in America and I actually been fascinated by Chinese culture my whole life. I am 18 and a freshman in college.  For now anyway :-)

Well, I remember looking at articles about studying abroad in China and I stumbled into a link that said “don’t go to China if you’re black.”  I will admit I laughed but I read on and began to get touched in a negative sense.  AA’s are in no sense new to racism (KKK etc.) and as much as AA’s are targeted we also target other cultures not less. But my strong belief is that if more Chinese people in China are exposed to classy and successful or just decent AA’s we can change that.
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Russian Girls Are More Popular Than Chinese Girls – Part II

俄国女孩比中国女孩更受欢迎 – 第二章

Nu Virgos vs Jolin TsaiAfter presenting the statistics of men’s preferences in international dating – let me share with you one possible explanation for the described phenomenon – why Russian girls are more popular than Chinese girls.

The answer :!: you will find in the following two video-clips.

These are two songs: one sung by a popular Chinese singer from Taiwan Jolin Tsai and another by Ukrainian girls’ band singing in Russian language – VIA Gra (promoted in English-speaking countries as Nu Virgos).

Actually, it is the same song which was originally performed in 2002 by the Ukrainian band and a year later covered in Mandarin by Jolin. But for a better effect I changed the order: first listen to “Love love love” by Jolin Tsai and only afterwards to “Stop stop stop” By VIA Gra.
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Russian Girls Are More Popular Than Chinese Girls – Part I

俄国女孩比中国女孩更受欢迎 – 第一章

Important note: please don’t read this post if you don’t have a sense of humor…

Russian Girl vs Chinese Girl

Russian Girl vs Chinese Girl

It’s time to temporarily switch from serious contemplations about the meaning of love and look at the topic of attraction from another angle.

Blogging about Chinese girls and receiving comments from foreign men who seem to be interested in this subject might create an illusion that Chinese men should feel worried about laowai (foreigners) “stealing” their women.

And although there definitely are men who go exceptionally after Chinese girls (Yellow Fever) – let’s see what kind of statistics we can get from google.

In the table below, I compiled figures showing the endangerment index (EI) (invented by me :-)  ) for girls from different countries. This index was calculated by (1) taking an approximate number of global monthly searches on google for the phrases which include the  keywords of interest (2) then dividing it by population of the country which represents the girls’ national homeland (3) and finally multiplying the result by 1000.
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Love Is The Art That Must Be Practiced – Part II

爱是种艺术,它必须得到实践 – 第二章
Meditation is a good practice of concentration

Meditation is a good practice of concentration

In the previous part of this series I presented the first four premises for the art of loving (as described by Erich Fromm): discipline, concentration, patience and supreme concern.

It’s worth to remind that if someone wants to achieve the mastership in ANY kind of human activity (like singing, growing flowers, teaching kids and so on), he has to make discipline, concentration and patience part of his life.

Fromm gives some suggestions regarding the ways in which one can practice these skills. I know that it sounds banal but can everyone of us claim that he/she follows such simple rules as “get up at a regular hour, devote a regular amount of time during the day to activities such as meditating, reading, listening to music, walking… not overeat or overdrink…”?

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