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Meet the Parents (of Your Chinese Girlfriend)


Meeting the Parents of Chinese GirlfriendRecently I got few emails from men who planned to visit parents of their Chinese girlfriends and asked for tips on how to leave a good impression on them. Since this is a very important topic, I feel that it would be helpful to post these tips here on the blog. If you have anything to add – feel free to leave your comments in the end of this post.

It is important to note that if Chinese girl has invited you to meet her parents – this is a very significant sign meaning that she is serious about your relationship. Take it in account when you decide to accept or decline the invitation. If you read until here, I suppose that you are interested to accept it.

It is natural if you feel nervous and have a lot of questions. Let’s try to figure out answers to some of them.
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Ancient Chinese Wedding

Chinese Wedding: Red Sedan

Red sedan for bride

Wedding in modern China is a mixture of contemporary and ancient traditions. In order to understand them better, let’s have a look at what Chinese wedding was like many years ago.

Marriage proposal
In the past marriages were arranged by parents with the help of special match-makers. They were pretty much like dating services today. Young man’s parents asked match-maker to find a good girl for their son. After the choice was made, the match-maker would approach girl’s family to make a proposal.
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Marital Infidelity in Modern China


Green Hat

There is a joke about man who visits a doctor and asks to perform blood tests since he suspects a calcium deficiency. When doctor asks about the reasons for such suspicions the patient complains that his wife is sleeping with other men, but he still has no horns growing.

I didn’t understand the “zest” until learned that in English (and many other languages as well) cuckolds are said to wear horns.
Well… Chinese cuckolds are different. But they also have a distinctive feature crowning their heads – namely green hats.
戴绿帽子(“dai lv mao zi”) – “to wear green hat” means to have an adulterous wife.

Adultery exists in China like anywhere else. But to what extent?
Paper on this topic compiled by researchers from the University of Chicago provides interesting figures.
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KTV in China

KTV big room

KTV big room

KTV (“karaoke television”) is a club allowing people to sing their favorite songs with the use of special machines for choosing tracks and projecting video clip and lyrics to a big screen. KTV can be a business on its own specifically designed for karaoke activity. Or it can be a part of other venues like bars, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels and so on.

Even though karaoke is known all over the world – only in Asia it has become extremely popular.

Why? Maybe because
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Matching Outfit for Couples


Matching clothes for couples

If you are looking for matching outfit for couples (eg. matching shirts) – I can recommend you a site which specializes in different kinds of matching items for lovers: shirts, mugs, pillows etc. [Click here to visit]
And if you are looking for more information about this weird but cute fashion, continue reading…

What do you think of a couple which expresses their love by wearing completely matching clothes with the same style, color and fabrics?
“Funny” would be the warmest compliment to such an outfit from a westerner. Contrastingly, in Asia (Korea, China, Japan) this is quite a popular trend.

It’s a really good example of cultural difference.
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