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Is Korean fashion similar to Chinese?


ROKetshipExpats living in China notice many ways in which the Middle Kingdom is different from their homeland. However, some of these peculiarities are not merely Chinese and can be witnessed in other Asian countries as well.

One of my Facebook friends (thanks Jeph!) recently showed me cartoon depicting a funny moment in the life of “laowai” living in… Korea! After tracking the source of the picture I eventually landed on the site of its creator Luke Martin, and stuck there for a long time browsing through different cartoons and having lots of laughs.

Looking at them I caught myself thinking that Westerners living in China should often have similar experiences. So, I contacted Luke and asked for permission to post some of his cartoons. Choosing just few wasn’t an easy task – thus I decided to take only those which are related to the topic of Asian fashion. To see the rest – and there are plenty – go to Luke’s site, ROKetship).
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Do Chinese Have Virgin Complex?

Loss of Virginity

Loss of Virginity, by Paul Gauguin

Last year some schools in Yunnan introduced a new course on sex education. Its name – “No Apologies in This Life” and it is the product of partnership between the regional Ministry of Education and the American Christian group “Focus on the Family”.

In its original, American, version upon graduation the students make a virginity pledge. Although Chinese authorities opposed to the idea of the pledge, you can easily understand what kinds of things are taught in this seminar.

What I found more interesting, however, was not the course itself but the discussion of premarital sex subject in one forum thread which mentioned the “No Apologies in This Life”. This is, actually, a Chinese forum for people who want to practice English language – so most of the posts are in English and you can follow this link to read the whole discussion. Below I am posting the most interesting reactions which can give some insight into what Chinese think about virginity.
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The Dangers Of Dating A Communist Yellow


Guest article by Tyson Bowers III

Tyson Bowers III ( is a God fearing youth minister for Christwire Churches across the country. He enjoys competing in championship snowflake paper cutting and Sunday flag football.

Chinese Prostitute

Foreign invaders are trying to penetrate our beautiful God given land by way of promises of a submissive and obedient house wife. You see, modern American women have been brainwashed into thinking they are equals to males and they think they can leave the house and pursue careers. While doing this they leave the American household empty and cold. No dishes are done, dinner is made in a microwave, children grow up without mother figures and the common wife is now known to be 87% more likely to have cheating affairs.
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How Chinese Girls Lose First Kiss


Chinese Kiss

Among the blog readers who recently contacted me, there were two guys who felt anxious about the moment when it would come to kissing Chinese girl.
Are there any special rules?” / “Should I avoid doing certain things?

I can only imagine that to some people Chinese girls might seem as a sort of aliens who must have a manual for efficient interaction. But the answer to “kissing dilemma” is simple. There are no special rules. At least I am not aware of them ;-)  .

Anyway, I browsed through one Chinese forum and found the thread in which Chinese girls were discussing their experience of the first kiss. So, I decided to translate some of the responses and share them here.
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Top Ten Chinese Cities With Beautiful Girls – Revisited

Making of a Chinese Girl

Computerized portrait of Chinese Girl (by Ke Weilin)

More than one year ago Chinahush published a translation of article which graded 10 Chinese cities with the most beautiful girls. For each city there was a photograph of some well-known Chinese woman who comes from it.

But how can any city prove its right to be featured in such list? Picture of one girl is surely not enough ;-)

Thus, I decided to revisit the original list and use the image morphing technique in order to make the girls’ composite portraits for every mentioned city. This is the same technique used by the Korean plastic surgeon who created the composite beautiful faces of females belonging to different races.

Before you see the results, let me describe how the pictures themselves were done.
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