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Why Chinese Men/White Women Couples Are Rarer Than White Men/Chinese Women?


Interracial Couple

Interracial dating and marriage is a natural phenomenon in the countries where people of different races live together. Of course, the proportion of interracial couples is smaller than in the imaginary experiment where partners are paired in a totally random way. It shows that we do have a preference to date and marry people from our own racial group… But this is hardly a surprising fact.

More interesting patterns can be discovered if we take a deeper look into statistics. One of such patterns – when it comes to Asians, and especially Chinese – is related to the gender disparity in interracial marriages. That is, the number of Chinese women marrying white men is 2 to 3 times higher than the reverse tendency (Chinese men marrying white women).

Different explanations have been offered for this phenomenon. Here are some of them:

  • Women more often than men have chances to actualize their desire to marry up and marrying a white partner helps to increase the social status;
  • Western women are more emancipated and their independence is a turn-off for men who look for more traditional Asian women. Thus, Westerners enter the competition with Asian men for their own females;
  • Related to the latter is a so-called “Asian Fetish” of some white men coupled with the objectification of Asian women.

As you can see, all these hypotheses have rather negative connotations. That’s why I was very happy to find a recent study which suggested a totally different framework. I refer to a paper “Anthropometry of Love” published two years ago by Michèle Belot and Jan Fidrmuc.

First, they explained why current theories fail to reflect the gender asymmetries observed in the interethnic marriages. For example, the socio-economic reasoning falls short because:

The data show that black men who intermarry tend to be less educated than those who intramarry and black women are generally more educated than black men yet it is the black men who are more likely to intermarry with whites.

So, what alternative has been proposed by the aforementioned research?

Well… its hypothesis is so simple, that it really made me wonder why Belot and Fidrmuc were the first researchers to test it. They speculated and confirmed that the large part of gender asymmetries can be explained by the height distributions among different races and the universal preference for “taller husband”!

On average, blacks are taller than Asians and are of similar height as whites. This rule implies that black males should fare better in the white marriage market than East and South Asian men while the opposite should hold for black and Asian women. We present empirical evidence in support of this hypothesis using data from the Health Survey for England (2004) and the Millenium Cohort Study (2000), which shows that the height preference rule is indeed a very good predictor of the probability of intermarrying with whites.

Those who are interested to see the detailed statistical analysis standing behind this conclusion can follow the link to the original research. Honestly speaking, after initial surprise, I began thinking that no matter how simple (and maybe even simplistic) this explanation is, it can be much closer to truth than many other twisted and complicated theories.

I remember once reading very curious statistics (sorry, but I couldn’t find the source on internet). Researchers analyzed various aspects in which man and woman in heterosexual couples are NOT similar. Then they rated these differences by incidence. Guess what kind of difference was the rarest one?

It wasn’t the difference in political views or big age gap; neither was it the presence vs. lack of previous sexual experience, different race, religion, education, financial situation, dietary habits or any other difference you would think of. Paradoxically, the rarest occurrence among married couples was of those where woman was taller than man!!

Of course, it doesn’t make the pill sweeter for Asian men or Black women, but it kind of “cleans” White men from the accusations in perversive motives. And it gives a simple explanation to Dr. Hubinette’s question why “Even the adopted men from East and Southeast Asia have in today’s Sweden obvious difficulties to find (Swedish) female partners.

Since this post cites academic sources, let me conclude with another quote from an interesting paper. Ray Fisman et al. analyzed the racial preferences of Columbia University students who participated in speed dating sessions over the course of two years. Fisman writes:

We found no evidence of the stereotype of a white male preference for East Asian women. However, we also found that East Asian women did not discriminate against white men (only against black and Hispanic men). As a result, the White man-Asian woman pairing was the most common form of interracial dating—but because of the women’s neutrality, not the men’s pronounced preference.

Now, that’s a real surprise! Does it mean that the real victims of Yellow Fever are White men? Or maybe from now on it should be called White Fever? :lol:

Student of Yellow/White Fever Studies, Crystal Tao

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54 comments to Why Chinese Men/White Women Couples Are Rarer Than White Men/Chinese Women?
  • China Shark Mike

    Amen! Crystal appreciate the real side of things as opposed to the Swedish quack who hates his adoptive white parents as well as all white males in general. Still can’t get over that trite blantant racist hogwash he tried to pass off as a dissertaion. Simply a racist humorous rant at best. Checked out his website this guy’s gone fishing and ain’t ever coming back again. Reminds of Hilter’s Brown Shirts before he came into real power. It only takes a little malignant racism to snowball into a catstrophe. Life is full of inequities {deal with and stop being a crybaby already}. Being white has definite advantages in life. I remember when I started college back in 1986 and a professor selected a hispanic woman, myself a white man and a black man. He asked the class who was the most likely to succeed in life. At the time I was a complete apathetic slacker who just wanted to party. The hispanic woman was top of the class so everybody assumed of course the smartest would ascend the quickest. The black man was never considered because of not consciously racial biased. Crazy part was that 65% or more of the class was actually black, go figuire. So most of the class unequivocally agreed that she’de be the one. The professor would do this to prove the strategization of society. It’s an unfair world so we must have realistic expectations in the future. I’m 48 and my girl is 31. She says I’m too old, her mother says I’m too old yet if I buy the house and I have a stable income then everything will be honkey dorey. Sounds like a fair deal to me. Chinese men overall cannot promise these basic things because of the socioeconomic situation in China as well as other countries. Marrying a white guy gives a woman a better shot of having a better life overall. From what I see a lot of Chinese men that become successful either divorce their wifes later or have concubines or second wifes on the side and not existent marraige for the familie’s face. Odds of women divorcing a white guy are probably a lot lower than if with a Chinese man. Older white men are much more stabler in relationships because most of us were fed up with kow towwing with demanding masculine women in our own respective countries. Who is too judge anyone else but the two people marrying. Some would like you to believe it’s better to be in a bad Asian Asian relationship that one from a different culture. The world’s a changing and there’s nothing any rant on websites will change women from choosing the man most suitable for themselves. Verbatim from my girlfriend. Her brother falls into that group I mentioned in the above statement. :mrgreen:

  • Ignatius

    Wow, everytime I read a post here I found it amazing, as the answers of the people. Today it´s the same.

  • Moroes

    There’s more to why Asian guys have a harder time than Asian girls getting white partners. Asian men are more attached to the family. The are expected to bring a wife back to take care of the family. Think a white woman can accept this? Be taken in to deal with the in-laws. Another turn off is the Chinese guy will be living with the parents. Some even will live with the parents even after marriage. Like the movie “Failure to Launch” where girls see guys living with their parents after their 30s are losers. So white girls will be giving Asian guys the Big L title. Asian guys are more connected to their parents and it plays a big part.

    But hey I see a trend of Chinese guys picking up Korean girls and even marrying them. So they are not stuck with only their local girls. They do have choice with the their neighbors.

  • Hm…this study sounds a tad suspect…

  • James Roberts

    Hi Crystal!! 10 days and counting!!That’s right in ten days I will be a married man :grin:
    First off I would like to state – I am the one who will be marrying up. WAY UP!!
    I have been married before (to a white woman :shock: ) and I must say there is a lot of truth in what Moroes wrote.
    I myself, spend my time helping out my elderly father, a older Uncle and my handicapped daughter.
    Here in the States, I am like oil in the dating pool. Try finding someone and informing them… “yes hook up with me, and you too, can be a parent for life.” It’s just not going to happen with A white girl(yes I meant to say “girl”) from the U.S. (I’ll explain the “girl” part in a bit)
    While I do not expect my new Lao Po to help me with my family duties (I have been doing it myself since my divorce in 1995) it is nice to be respected for my commitment to family. My Chinese woman actually admires me for it, telling me that I am a good man.
    There is a BIG difference between a Woman and a girl!!

    • Oh, yes :!: :!: :!:
      You did it in spite of all the obstacles. You REALLY deserve to be happy!

      • Toby

        I am a single Dad of two boys. I have to be very careful of what kind of woman I bring into my household. I also have one parent , my Dad that lives next door who I take care of. I make ok money with my job , but am not wealthy or even upper middle class. I thought it would be hard for me to find true love. I started talking to my sweet heart 3 months ago and I have been completely honest with her. I thought she would run , but instead she wants to love me and my family and be my wife. I don’t have yellow fever and never even thought if going to China to bring back a woman. Until I meet her. I think it is ok to love the way some one looks and admire thier inner beauty and culture without being labeled a pervert . This has nothing to do about sex , it is about love and two people wanting to be happy. How is that a bad thing ? I am 37 and am not fat , bald , ugly , and rich. I am just a normal guy in love with a normal girl. She is a teacher , age 30 smart and not into money . She just wants a good man to have a child with and have a happy family. I admire this.

  • Peter Phelps

    Thanks for another great perspective. I will actually say that the height thing makes absolute sense. At 6’2″ tall I was usually taller than all of the ladies during school except one. Sadly I was somewhat intimidated by her since she was almost a foot taller and was great in our girl’s basketball team. I regret allowing that to be something that did intimidate me since she really was a nice person. I have always had girlfriends that were shorter and for a tall person it just seems natural to have a lady look up to you. I think perhaps for the ladies having a taller guy also makes them feel like they are with someone that can hopefully protect them and their family.

  • That’s a great read Crystal! At first I thought it could well be true; then I thought of three western guys I know who are all over 6’2 tall…. there are plenty of western females interested in them, but they have no interest in those females at all. They all prefer East Asian girls.

    I have another theory which is based on nature and evolution. The gene pool is always seeking to diversify, and interracial marriage certainly is a big diversification ‘jump’ so to speak. I’m not sure that theory is any more valid than all the others out there though :???:

  • Hawk

    Nice work Crystal. The Columbia study was also picked up by the ever-present Wikipedia.

    Marriages between White Americans and Asian Americans are increasingly common for both genders in the United States (Lange, 2005), however unions between Asian women and White men continue to outnumber the reverse coupling by roughly three to one. In 1990, about 69 percent of married Asian American women aged between 18 and 30 were wed to Asian American men, while 25 percent had White husbands.In 2006, 41 percent of Asian American-born women were registered as having White husbands, while 50 percent were married to Asian American men.Social enterprise research by the Columbia Business School (2005–2007) concluded that while East Asian women statistically prefer East Asian men for marriage, they show no discrimination against White men, causing Asian women-White men pairings to consistently become the prevalent form of interracial dating in the United States.
    End Quote.

    The “white men are taller” proposal may sound simplistic but it’s not the first time I’ve heard it. It is the first time I’ve seen it backed by anything.

    Alas, there is no “white fever” – just an absence of discrimination against white men by the group studied by the Columbia group. But that’s sufficient cause for good cheer among my white contemporaries.

  • Lily

    First of all, the U.S. is not Mainland China. Comparing the two is like comparing apples to space ships. The racial dynamics and marriage beliefs in the two countries are very different. Chinese-American men want white women, but can’t get them because of a racist dymanic wherein all Asians are feminized. Mainland Chinese men simply don’t want white women because they’re seen as unaffordable financially, sluts, and bad wives and mothers. Anonymity on the Internet breeds honesty — and if you read what Chinese men have to say about white women, it’s very derogatory. Height isn’t mentioned at all. This would explain why my white friends in China — who are all between 5’1-5’3” and therefore the exact same height as Chinese women — have never been approached by Chinese men. That suggests pretty clear discrimination by Chinese men against white women of all heights.

    As a white woman living in China, I’m constantly confronted with comparisons to “Sex and the City,” either explicitly (“you’re nothing like Samantha.”) or implicitly (“you’re so traditional, like a Chinese girl — i thought all American women were wild.”) Every white woman I know is. I think those beliefs are far more pernicious, and is what’s ultimately doing the damage. The men’s beliefs on this front are far worse than the women’s — to the point where the vast majority of Chinese men won’t even answer my questions directly. Instead, they turn to a male colleague and answer him. It’s like living in a country where I’m a ghost.

    I suspect height’s only an issue where the man already has enough confidence to overcome the cultural disdain for white women. Or to put it another way, it’s necessary but not sufficient once the other, far larger, obstacles have been overcome. Moreover, if height’s the only issue, you’d see the the same exact rate for men of all ethnic backgrounds.

    • I agree with Lily that the dating environment in mainland China is different from American.

      I think, however, that the issue of height still plays its role. Not only that taller girls have a reduced pool of matching candidates (especially in China), but those guys who are actually tall have a much bigger “playing field” and tend to be more demanding in their requirements making it harder for girls to “qualify”.

    • Dave

      Chinese men refuse to speak to white women, assuming that they are too wild, immoral, and would make bad wives. I guess that means that Chinese women are more docile, chaste, servile, and hard working.

      And they say that white men are the ones who objectify Chinese women? Nice double standard.

      It’s only bad when the laowai does it.

    • bomber

      I think that height might be part of the issue, however I think that there is a more obvious candidate. This is all just my opinion. As you stated above, even in the states it is more unlikely for an Asian male to date a Caucasian female, yet the converse is not true; White men date Asian women at a higher rate in the US as well as elsewhere.

      I think that this has to do with the way in which white people develop vs. Asians. Of course, this is a generality, so please take it as that. In my opinion, white women are more beautiful than Asian women, yet their beauty dissipates rather quickly. Asian women, while more subtle and gentle in feature, maintain their looks (youthfulness) for much longer than white women do. Many white women flame out by thirty, but most Asian women are taught, thin and sexy until 40 or so.

      This same phenomenon naturally occurs in Asian men. They stay youthful-looking longer. I think the disparity in white / yellow pairings can be explained by the fact that many white men look full grown by the time they are 25, whereas many asian men do not appear to fully “fill out” until their late 30s. The problem is the age-gap. By the time many asian men are competitive with whites in terms of physical appearence, they are already long-married.

      I could grow a full beard by the time I was 16. I looked like a man by 23 or 24. The attraction that women had to me obviously increased (and strangely has continued to) between those times. At 25 and 26, my asian-american peers barely looked 19 or 20. Not a diss or insult on them, but just an observation. Masculinity is perceived similarly in most cultures (broad shoulders, facial hair, etc.) Hence it is not strange that women of all cultures find caucasian men attractive mates at earlier points in their lives.

  • SB

    The “Asian-Mother-In-Law” factor is a big part of that. East Asian cultures tend to treat daughters-in-law like crap and Asian men tend to be mama’s boys, and few western women would want to marry into that. A big part of the reason that my (white) cousin broke up with her Taiwanese boyfriend was his mother.

  • Bored in Melbourne

    Being tall does help me in the dating world, however as my own preference is for a taller than average Chinese woman, I need that advantage to help me get the interest of the rare find.

  • Teacher in China

    Great post Crystal!! It was a perfect follow-up to the last one, offering something a little more common sense and based in reality. You’re continuing to a great job here, keep it up!

    By the way. at 6’3″, I can say that height is an attraction for women all over the world. Almost every single GF I’ve had, white or asian, has mentioned it at one time or another.

  • China Shark Mike

    Height thing is not a factor in my experience with Chinese women. Two out of like at least twenty weren’t even close to my somewhat short height for western males. 5 foot 8 and a half inches. Living here two plus years I see most being around 5′ 2″ to the 5′ 4″. Although the further up north you go the more likely you’ll meet a tallish girl.

  • TLB

    Speaking totally from my one personal experience, two things rings true for me: my wife, from the Northeast, is 5’8″ and she absolutely said she wanted a husband taller than her. That would rule out a lot, but not all, Chinese men (especially for her generation, born in the 1950s). I’m 4 inches taller than she is.

    In addition, I think our finding each other was not based on any yellow fever on my part nor white fever on hers: she simply had not found a Chinese man she thought suitable, and a friend suggested she go online to interact with some foreign men (the friend has a Chinese-American husband she met online). My wife, who had never met a white man up to that time, decided to try it. Thus, my wife’s lack of discrimination opened the door for us to meet.

  • Nick

    Standing at only 5’6″ puts me at a disadvantage in the West, since I am the height of the average American WOMAN. Fortunately for me, my sweetheart is only 5’1″ (same height as my older sister, actually), so it works out nicely.

  • ziccawei

    One Chinese guy told me he was scared of western women.

    I said, join the club, pal, why do you think I live in China?

  • petit bonheur

    Interesting topic. I would tend to believe that the imbalance is a mix of all the reasons exposed upthere : the fact that a woman would traditionnaly leave her family when she maries, so she has somewhat more freedom to choose a husband from outside than a man in China. The fact that woman may tend to choose a husband with higher living standard (it would be intereseting to see if, with a higher and higher number of wealthy people in China, the trend of binational marriage becomes more balanced), the height issue. But there is also another aspect: for a very long time, male expats largely outnumbered female expats. And it is largely still the case. And female expats in China are in vast majority housewifes, following their husband, with much less social interaction than male expats. Plus the fact that, due to largely and internationnaly shared social prejudice, it is much more difficult for women over 30 to 35 to marry (leftover phenomenon)than for men, we can explain this unbalance situation.
    It will be interesting to see that if with the rise of China, and the fact that there will be more and more wealthy Chinese expats for instance, this situation will evolve.

  • Django

    I think “face” is another thing you have to take into consideration for a Chinese man that wants to date a western woman. When approaching a western woman you have to be willing for her to just flat out reject you. Its just part of the game. Add that to the other reasons listed and I think it can be quite intimidating for Chinese guys.

    Years ago I had a friend who liked Chinese guys. She was tall, about 5’10″, and very few guys would approach her. When they did it was usually someone just as, if not taller than her. They were confident guys as well. However when she was interested in a guy she would approach them, quite often they were shorter than her. They didn’t seem to know how to handle a woman approaching them. They would get intimidated even if they were interested and wouldn’t pursue it.

    I know its quite common for Chinese couples to meet at work or to have married former classmates/neighbors. However I rarely meet couples that just met by chance. I think the familiarity of knowing someone for years makes it easier to approach them versus the western way of just going up to a stranger. An up front rejection is something you learn to deal with early on in the west and its a necessary skill when you want to meet a western woman.

  • Restaurant Unemployee

    Hi, Crystal

    I thought when I started reading your blog it was going to be a whole bunch of laowai bashing – but I have to tell you – you are 100% correct! it’s the height!

    Chinese men shouldn’t be intimidated by white women – just be kind and generous, and don’t smoke or spit! open the door, bring her flowers, compliment her – don’t be a door mat, but don’t be cold, either – they can be fickle, but you learn to deal with it. Maybe Chinese men should read “The Game – Penetrating the World of Pick Up Artists” by Neil Strauss – but you might not be allowed to read this book, I don’t know.. but they might learn more about the psychology of these mystical creatures.

    I know lots of white girl/chinese guy relationships – but the chinese guys are all 1st generation Canadian, not mainlanders.

    All around the world, men want to date white women, but isn’t it the same as asian women wanting to be with a white man?

    I think we are underestimating the role of advertising and american television programs that ‘create desire’ in people for things they don’t really need.

    White people aren’t the greatest, but lots of us are very decent people if you give us a chance.

    I love my Japanese girlfriend! ;) now if only i had more money..

    … and remember, don’t hate the Lao Wai – hate the game!

  • Guy

    I am an Asian expat currently living in China. The reason why Asian men don’t date white women is probably the same reason why White men prefer Asian females. It has more to do with tradition and the image of it. Asian females are thought to be more family oriented. It is probably less abrasive to bring an Asian female home versus a White female.

    My cousin’s husband who is White have told me many times how his family is so fond of his wife. The mother in law
    have stated many times that her son marrying my cousin was the right choice. She mentioned how many of his past
    White girlfriends lack culture and tradition. Guess they never really respected the old lady.

    • Restaurant Unemployee

      this doesn’t make any sense

      lots of white men DON’T prefer asian women.

      lots of white men want HUGE breasts, and well.. yeah..

      i think chinese rely on negative stereotypes of white people too much.

  • Restaurant Unemployee

    culture is just another word for 6 billion people kicking you in the teeth at the same time.

    tradition is just another form of control.

    at the same time, many of these things can be very nice indeed, just taken with a grain of salt from time to time and viewed as objectively as possible, so that we don’t get carried away and commit infanticide on baby girls, etc. etc.

    why is it assumed that whites have no culture? this is a laughable notion..

  • keius

    There are just way too many factors involved to be able to simplify it.
    All those “different” explanations do have some basis in reality.

    BTW Crystal…
    if no ones mentioned it to you yet, check out :

    Someones using your Avatar/RL image as a classic example of a Chinese leftover woman…. :???:
    You might want to send a little message to whoever’s running that site.

  • pasquinada

    Because Asian people are materialistic as hell. I could look just as good as a white guy, with the same income/education, and Chinese girls won’t date me because I’m brown. They have some stupid idea where the world is them and white people. Everyone else? They don’t have power or money and are just unimportant pawns used for the sake of argument between themselves and whites.

    Newsflash: most of humanity is some kind of brown. White people are a dwindling minority worldwide and will soon become mixed with the rest of us. Chinese and other Asians will enjoy the same fate. Come, open your eyes to the real “foreigners” of the world, not just narrow visions of white guys.

  • sarah

    Crystal, I was told by the white man who has lot of experience with Asia women that the reason was that white men’ sexual organ is generally larger than Asian men’s. Do you think it is true?

  • sarah

    Thanks. I guess there was element of truth in his statement. I suppose everyone wants to think he is the king ( in his own mind). :mrgreen:

    • Blue Eyes Blonde Hair


      what if we have compelling testimony? and physical evidence?

      i think this debate is over.

    • Actually, I didn’t think that your question was serious. That’s why I gave you a link to China-Smack.

      I am afraid that I risk to enter a dangerous zone here, but below is the link to abstract of the article named “Studies of human physique and sexual attractiveness: Sexual preferences of men and women in China”. I will not quote it here – read yourself…


  • Crystal, I’m shocked you’re wimping out on us! :grin:

    And since that link — is it a link? — didn’t work for me, here’s the abstract:


    Men and women at Northwest University (n = 631), Xi’an, China, were asked to rate the attractiveness of male or female figures manipulated to vary somatotype, waist-to-hip ratio (WHR), secondary sexual traits, and other features. In study 1, women rated the average masculine somatotype as most attractive, followed by the mesomorphic (muscular), ectomorphic (slim), and endomorphic (heavily built) somatotypes, in descending order of preference. In study 2, the amount and distribution of masculine trunk (chest and abdominal) hair were altered progressively in a series of front-posed figures. Women rated figures with no or little trunk hair as most attractive. Study 3 assessed the attractiveness of front-posed male figures which varied only in length of their nonerect penis. Numerical ratings for this trait were low, but moderate lengthening of the penis (22% or 33% above average) resulted in a significant increase in scores for attractiveness. In study 4, Chinese men rated the attractiveness of back-posed female images varying in waist-to-hip ratio (WHR from 0.5-1.0). The 0.6 WHR figure was most preferred, followed by 0.7, while figures with higher ratios (0.9 or 1.0) were significantly less attractive. Study 5 rated the attractiveness of female skin color: men expressed a marked preference for images which were lighter in color, as compared to images of average or darker skin colors. These results, the first of their kind reported for a Chinese population, support the view that sexual selection has influenced the evolution of human physique and sexual attractiveness in men and women.

    I’ve always found these discussions of penis size amazing, as (1) the length of a non-erect penis is inversely related to its increase in size during erection — i.e., longer non-erect penises grow less during erection, so the difference in size among erect penises is much less than the difference among non-erect ones (and of what use to a woman is a non-erect penis? :shock: ), and (2) there is little or no evidence that a longer erect penis results in greater satisfaction for the female (though I’ve seen studies that suggest the woman might be more excited during foreplay by viewing a longer erect penis).

    Also, judging by this abstract, maybe we can blame Chinese men for the Chinese women’s obsession with light skin (addressed in another thread on this site).

    That’s all for now — gotta go shave my chest… :lol:

  • sarah

    Weird. Let’s go back to love conquer all!

  • GentleGiant

    Having a big willy is not all its cracked up to be; I have had several girlfriends bail out on me because it was too uncomfortable for them, and at least one attractive but petite Chinese girl, who really, REALLY liked me, got worried and backed out of meeting me, giving size as the reason. (She asked, I told her). We chatted daily on QQ for months, sometimes for hours on end, but in the end the size was too much for her to contemplate handling.

    Height isnt everything, especially if you are overly tall, a 198cm I am well above the average, and even Western women can find my height and size intimidating; I scare the spit out of some of the parents at the Kindergarten where I work!!

    I think a lot of it comes down to what you want/expect from a partner, there is a lot of talk in various threads about how rude and domineering SE Asian men are towards their women; can any of you honestly see a self-opinionated, “liberated” Western woman putting up with this??
    There will be a few, like there are a few who are willing to completely subjugate themselves and marry a strict, Muslim man, but they are in a very tiny minority.

    Crystal, I found your site via Wierdasianews and remember reading the article you refer to above; I dont know what it said when you read it, but originally it DID have a link to here.

  • i think some of the comments here have gone off topic here. Anyway I think asian men white couples are on the increase these days. Its all because people are opening there mind

  • Had a great time reading this, as well as the comments. Although it did make me feel eccentric… as a taller ASIAN woman (5’8″) with a shorter WHITE man (5’4″). Though at times I do love turning heads.

  • thanks Christine, I *love* exceptions that reveal our so-often unconscious biases! :grin:

  • Nice to see an actual article with some research to it – it was interesting to see the fusion of Japanese and Hispanic elements – but considering the situation in South America, it is not too surprising to see.

    “White Fever”? It has a certain ring to it, but I tend to think back to what father always said, “There is no romance without finance”. Would be interesting see what types of breakdowns could be made from the various amounts of data out there about the length and breath of interracial marriages, to see which pairs have the longest anniversaries.

  • Doctor Who

    Stumbled on this blog. Interesting. More Asian women with white spouse than Asian men?

    To quote Churchill: Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics!

    OK, it’s probably true, but my personal experience says otherwise. I’m Han Chinese and I have far more male relatives with white partners than female. My uncle married a blue-eyed blonde from France, one cousin had 2 American white wives (remarried), one has a half Japanese american white girlfriend, one with a Swede, one with an Indian-white mix… the list is long. Only 2 females hooked up with white guys, and one of them is already divorced. The only Asian from my schooling days in an interacial marriage is also a guy. I myself had been in a relationship with a white girl. As far as I know, it’s rare to see asian women in a real relationship with white guys. So it’s odd that people seem to keep bringing up this so-called statistic where more asian women than men indulge in interacial marriages.

    I see commentators here who say they are white guys with asian wives, but with all due respect, I don’t know you personally. If the statistic were true, I should personally know more of these type of relationships than the other variety, but honestly, I don’t.

  • Howdy


    white men develop Asian fetish for the following 2 reasons,

    1. These are ugly white men, unattractive and just failures from their society, that is why their own women rejects them, this is why they developed Asian fetish, they are racist and think they are superior to Asians therefore Asian women must want them.

    2. They are child molesters, to them Asian women look like little kids with kid bodies, this is why they have this fetish for Asian women.

    why Asian women want these white men?

    1. They are very insecure, these women hates their own race, they feel ashamed because most of them are uneducated and unwanted. That is why they need to get a white man, they need approve from their white master. this is very sad

    2. They are ugly women who cannot get a decent Asian man, this is why they need to get a unwanted white trash.

    In conclusion, these Asian women and these white men are just the trash of both races.

    • GentleGiant

      Howdy, if you feel that way why are you here??

      Forum Troll perhaps??

      I have dated women from a number of different countries, not because I am a loser, but because I am sick to my stomach of how Western women think and act these days; I dont want a woman to try and drink me under the table, or who can swear like a trooper and thinks having a tattoo or breast implants makes them “unique”.

      Asian women still know what it means to be a WOMAN, which is why we love them; TBH there are actually VERY FEW Chinese women that I find attractive, but the ones that are attractive to me also tend to be NICE people (although their boobs tend to be a bit too small).
      I used to date Russian women, but as they became more and more Westernised I found fewer and fewer I liked as people.

      I have dated English, Dutch, Nigerian, Welsh, Czech, Russian, Kyrgz and Chinese, from a shop assistant, to the Head of a University Ballet School, to a government defence research scientist.

      As for your comments about why Chinese women date white men,, a friend of mine recently confessed to a Chinese girl he really likes that he is a millionaire, she was really upset, she is really worried he will be just like her ex-husband, interested only in making money and sleeping around.

      • Yes, he is troll with clear inferiority complexes.
        I, however, ask not to reply to his comment because he definitely doesn’t deserve attention.

        Also because he will not be able to answer. Since I had to block him from further commenting on my blog. But not because of what he wrote. He just started copying this comment to every post in this blog.

        Trolls can be ignored, spammers must be blocked.

  • Linda

    Despite all these comments about ‘White women are more independent, taller, ambitious, shallow blah blah blah.

    I think the main Asian guys don’t date white women because they just don’t find us attractive and would rather date some super-skinny pretty Asian girl with delicate features, perfect skin and a cute face than us. :sad:

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